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Visit High Country Rail Trail Trestle Bridge

Take a break at the historic trestle bridge on the drive along the Murray Valley Highway towards Corryong. Stop and experience the past at the High Country Rail Trail Trestle Bridge, near Koetong.

Boggy Creek Trestle Bridge

Boggy Creek Trestle Bridge

Trains crossed this iconic trestle bridge over the Koetong Creek many years ago.  However, the Wodonga to Cudgewa railway line closed in 1981.   Since then, teams of volunteers are working to restore the line and bridges. Life is gradually coming back to The High Country Rail Trail.

Turn left onto the signposted dirt road on the Wodonga side of Koetong. After that, follow the signs to the car park. After a short walk along the railway embankment will find the bridge. In addition, this is also a fabulous history and nature experience.

Of course you can also experience the High Country Rail Trail trestle bridge and route by cycle. More details can be found here.

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